Adventurer Club (Ages 4-9)

Adventurer Club (Ages 4-9)

The Adventurer Club is designed to strengthen parent-
child relationships.

Pathfinder Club (Ages 10-15)

Pathfinder Club (Ages 10-15)

This club helps them enlarge their windows on the world
and build a relationship with God.

Ambassadors Club

Ambassadors (Ages 16-21)

This club leads them to experience and share a personal relationship with Christ and guide them in their vocational interests.

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Adventurer Club

Each child is encouraged to participate in all activities and parents/guardians are given assignments along with their child. There are many age-challenging activities on the Adventurer menu. These range from games and outdoor activities to nature exploration and family camping, field trips and community service projects. A five level age-specific curriculum is used along with approximately 80 specialized award areas of crafts, nature, recreation, spiritual development and home arts.

The Adventurer curriculum is divided into four levels. The Little Lamb level is designed for Pre-kindergarteners. The Early Bird level is designed for Kindergarteners. The Busy Bee level is designed for first-graders. The Sunbeam level for second-graders. The Builder for third-graders. The Helping Hand level for fourth-graders.

Pathfinder Club

Activities encourage a range from community/civic service projects in their community and across the globe to nature and environmental conservation studies to camping and high adventure trips. Pathfindering challenges the unique talents of each member. Pathfindering is built on an age-specific curriculum of six levels along with approximately 350 specialized skill development topics covering arts and crafts, aquatics, nature, household arts, recreation, spiritual development, health, and vocational training. These often serve as a launching point for lifetime careers or hobbies.

The club operates on a 9, 10, 11, or12 month calendar year, with a weekly or biweekly program of at least 1½, 2, or 3 hours’ duration. Within this 1½, 2, or 3 hour period the Pathfinders perform drill and marching, crafts and/or hobbies and games, as well as taking part in devotional activities and class work. There are six classes: Friend, Companion, Explorer, Ranger, Voyager, Guide. At the completion of the classwork requirements, the Pathfinder receives insignia as an award consisting of a pin, Pathfinder Class pocket strip and chevron at a special Investiture service.

Ambassadors (Ages 16-21)

Ambassadors Club

The 7 Foundations of the Ambassador Programming are:
1. Leadership development. Curricula such as the Master Guide, AY Leadership, Small Group Leadership and other age appropriate and well established schemes can be considered.
2. Community outreach development through service and emergency preparedness training.
3. A Christ-centered discipleship plan.
4. A personal and small group based mission lifestyle.
5. Lifestyle vocational/career development through specialized multi-vocational training and advanced honor level.
6. Friendship and relationship skill development.
7. Character and personality development/awareness through outdoor/high adventure programming.

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